The Modern Kitchen Design

What is a modern kitchen design? Well, the interior designer said that modern means a useful thing. So, in modern design, everything must be used by purpose. There are many things that a modern kitchen should have. They are:

1. Kitchen cabinet

The modern kitchen design always uses a kitchen cabinet as one of the elements. The kitchen cabinets are usually smooth, flat, and uncomplicated. It has many colors and sizes. You can choose the right one for your kitchen.

2. Free-standing range hood

It is not right to have a modern kitchen design without using a free-standing range hood. It is “island-mount” range hoods, and you can mount it against the kitchen wall or over an island’s cooktop. It made from stainless steel material.

3. Minimize the cabinet fixture

When you do a modern kitchen design, you should minimize the cabinet fixtures.

4. Use the translucent or clear glass

Use the translucent or clear glass for your cabinet doors instead of solid. it will increase the lighting of the in-cabinet for dramatic effect.

5. Lighting

Use modern lighting such as pendant lighting. It will make your kitchen looks cool and contemporary.

6. Painting color of your kitchen.

There is no standard of modern painting colors because the color always changing and sometimes the trending color is the past trend color. Just pick the color you like.

7. Refrigerator

For modern design, you can use the kitchen cabinet to keep your refrigerator. It will make your kitchen tidy. Cabinet-depth fridges are varying.

8. Kitchen island

You cannot say you have a modern kitchen design if there is not a kitchen island. it is highly recommended to have it. if you sell your apartment or house, you will get a high price because most of the buyers prefer to have the island in their kitchen. So, just your floor space for Kitchen Island.


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